Thursday, July 7, 2011

Brick Alley IPA Label Art

So here are the "finalists" for the Brick Alley IPA label designs. BIG THANK YOU to Eric Boyd for the time spent on designing the labels. Most brands are defined by the artwork that goes into their labels and I think these designs really represent the nostalgia and overall vibe we are trying to convey. We would love to get your feed back on the designs so feel free to comment! If you want, you can always contact any us of via twitter.

@tummybeeyord - Josh Hays (Brewer)
@MasterOfReason - Eric Bedont (Brewer)
@Leber412 - Chris Leber (Brewer)
@EricBoydTweets - Eric Boyd (Label Designer)
Brick Alley IPA Design 1
Brick Alley IPA Design 2
Brick Alley IPA Design 3


  1. Is this at all related to the trademarked brick alley pub in newport,ri?

  2. No, the label/beer is completely unrelated to the brick alley pub in newport, RI. The labels are designed for use in home brewing only.

  3. Dear Mr. Leber:
    I'm the food editor and beer writer at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and wonder, Are you guys planning to go commercial? Especially if so, I'd love to talk to you about it.
    Bob (412-263-1930)