Thursday, March 1, 2012

Beers on the Horizon for 2012

Winter in Pittsburgh was great, hasn't really snowed much and the deep freeze never really set it. More reason to get the spring beers rolling. Starting March 9th we'll be brewing at least 2 spring beers for 2012. 

The first beer will be a Belgian Tripel with an ABV around 10%-11%. We haven't really pinned down a recipe yet, but we do know we want it to be strong and lighter in color. Kinda the opposite of a spring time beer, but we don't really care.  I'll keep everyone updated as the recipe develops.

The second of the spring beers will be a Pennsylvania Saison. Ligher in body, balanced hops, and brewed with herbs, spices, and possibly fruit grown by local farmers in PA. Usually when we use fruit we sanitize with vodka because of it's tasteless characteristics. If we do go with some local fruit, we'll be utilizing Boyd and Blair potato vodka, distilled right here in Pittsburgh. 

As we think of more recipes this spring we'll keep everyone in the loop.


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